DIY: Harness Bracelet

Posted on Oct 5 2014 - 8:40pm by Patty Minichiello

Delicate jewelry should always be a part of every woman’s jewelry box, and not just for special occasions. Chunky, thick necklaces are muy popular for fall, but you’d be surprised what a statement harness bracelets can make as well. The best part is that you can make one yourself and customize it to your liking by whatever beads you desire. I chose turquoise ones (I have a bag left over from making my dream catcher) because I always find that if I’m not wearing gold, I wear turquoise.

You will need:

1. Your choice of chain
2. Chain nose pliers
3. Clasps and rings
4. Eye pins
5. Beads

First, make the bracelet part of your harness by simply wrapping a piece of chain around your wrist and cutting the remains off with a pair of scissors.

Attach a clasp on one end and a ring on the other.

Next, fold your barcelet in half to find the middle and add another ring and about 2″ more of chain to begin creating the link from bracelet to ring.
Using the pliers, open the loop from an eye pin and attach to the chain. Add beads and close the other end by twisting the wire in a circle.
 I added another eye pin:
Measure the next piece of chain from the beads to the beginning of your middle finger, cut, attach new ring. Leave ring open to attach another measured chain piece for your middle finger and close with pliers.

Show off your beautifully customized harness. The end.