DIY: 90’S Tattoo Choker Necklace

Posted on Jan 8 2015 - 9:37pm by Patty Minichiello

As we’ve seen trending everywhere recently, tattoo choker necklaces are back in style, so get with the program! As with all things that go back in style, high demand means high price… unless you’re crafty. Save yourself about $6 for a piece of plastic string and buy your own spool for $2 and make a bunch of these guys! I must warn you, it takes a bit of patience. I had to start over about three times before I got the hang of this… which is why some people may take the dive and purchase one. I like the challenge!

You will need:
– Scissors
– Binder clip
– Stretchy jewelry cord

Pull the cord about a little smaller than your wing span, cut and fold in half.

Clip the binder clip to a sturdy surface (a hardback book or some type of board works best) and attach the cord.

Start by making a loop with the right side of the string, then take the left side of the string and pull it through the loop. Alternate on each side to create the design. You can find tutorials on YouTube as well to see it in action.

Tie the ends together into a knot and carefully (carefully!) burn the knot so it doesn’t come undone. Congrats! Your first homemade tattoo choker necklace at a fraction of the price!