Homemade Banana Bread

Posted on Jan 29 2015 - 11:40am by Patty Minichiello

I’m notorious for buying too many bananas when I go to the grocery store. I feel like whenever I get the time to shop for produce I go bananas (pun!) on buying too much and they end up going bad. In this case, I just realized I could turn my browning bananas (they look much better when peeled) into something tasty and delicious. I followed this recipe and loved how easy it was to throw all of the ingredients into one bowl, transfer to pan and bake. Also, most of the ingredients you already have in your kitchen.


Giving homemade bread as a gift is a really sweet idea for housewarmings and dinner parties. Simply wait for your bread to cool, wrap it up in some parchment paper and tie with bakers twine.