DIY: Bohemian Tapestry

Posted on Feb 18 2015 - 9:17am by Patty Minichiello

I was browsing a cool website when I came across the best wall tapestry… for $80! I was shocked at the price, especially when I know I could make one my own for a fraction of the price (about $25)! I ordered yarn online (in these pretty colors below), a dowel rod, and gold string for hanging.

Step 1: Cut yarn into about 5 long pieces, about a foot (or longer if you’re making a bigger tapestry). Fold them in half and loop them around the dowel rod, using whatever color pattern you like.

Step 2: Continue as long as you want your tapestry to be:

Step 3: Using a ruler, start trimming each set of yarn knots from shortest to longest and at an angle, creating a “V” shape:

Step 4: Iron your yarn on a low setting so get it as straight as possible:

Step 5: Tie gold string (or another of your choice) on each side of the dowel rod and hang.