Dancin’ In The Purple Rain

Posted on Feb 19 2015 - 7:35pm by Patty Minichiello
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Per my post yesterday, I went looking for the right product that suited my inability to “turn left” for a long period of time, meaning I want to be the girl with purple hair for… about a day… every so often… once in awhile…

I told you about the Bumble & Bumble Spray Chalk (which I have yet to try, if I even do), but after many MANY bad reviews on Sephora, I was discouraged and tried something else… cheaper AND awesome! May I present to you:

Yes! Finally. It was about $6 at Ulta (not to betray my devotion to Sephora… which I found they have a hair chalk… but also with bad reviews. Yikes.) and I was really happy with the results. You have to understand that the word “chalk” alone is “easily erasable”, “temporary”, “not salon color”, “not as bright as advertised”… a lot of people are expecting some miracle, but chalk is CHALK and I loved this one.Simply take the color pod and swipe it down a piece of hair (repeat as necessary) and spray some hairspray to set. If you have thick hair like me, one pod will do most of your hair so don’t expect this to last a long time in your cabinet just as it won’t last that long in your hair.

My beloved result:

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