Such a LUSH…

Posted on Mar 4 2015 - 4:11pm by Patty Minichiello


It’s a given you’ll always find something from LUSH in my bathroom cabinet. The Tea Tree Toner (check out that alliteration!) &  Dream Steam Tabs are my ultimate favorite toners when I feel like getting fancy. I simply heat up a bowl of water, drop the tab in, put a towel over my head and let these tabs work their magic. It’s like a mini sauna for your face.

Did I mention all of LUSH’s products are fresh, handmade, and free of animal testing? Sold!

Now, I recently discovered these beauties… bath bombs. What did you say? Oh yes. These not only smell freakin’ amazing, but they are so fun to watch as they turn your water into a bunch of beautifully vibrant colors. Basically a mini-party for yourself.

My ultimate favorite product is Dark Angels Cleanser. I’ve been using it for years and all the rage of charcoal-based products rings true. It exfoliates your skin, leaving it bright and smooth.

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